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 Jesus gave us a commandment in Matt 28:19 and in Mark 16:15 when He said; Go into All the World and preach the gospel to all creation. This is not a suggestion. It requires obedience, faith and sacrifice. It is demanding, and rewarding. As traveling Ministers here in the USA and oversees, we conduct a wide range of life changing services. Our mission is simple, win those who are lost and make disciples "true" followers of Jesus Christ.

You Have The #power2b3d!



Growing up in the church I colllected a lot information however I didn’t have a revelation of who God truly was and His plan for my life. My grandmother adopted me from an early age and never stopped praying for me. Every time the church doors were open my younger brother and I were right there next to her. She made sure we were in church! I may have been in church but I definitely wasn’t “in Christ”. After graduating High School I joined the Marines. While in the Marines my life began a downward spiral. From Drugs, alcohol, women, parties etc. I was trying to fill the emptiness within. One night after

returning home from the night

club I was sitting in front of my

television set and just happened to click on the Christian Channel where there was a preacher preaching on the Love Of God. That night right in front of my television I got on my knees, repented and asked Jesus to be Lord of my life. Today to date I have been in full time ministry and married to my beautiful anointed wife Jannet Abraham-Clark for 18 years and am blessed to be in ministry full time with her.



I had NO idea who God truly was being raised as a Moslem not believing that Jesus was the Son of God, nor the Savior of the World. At the age of 15 I quit school and left home. My mom and dad separated which drove me to leave. When I was 18 my mom passed away and I moved to Dallas,Texas thinking  I could run away from my problems and start over. There I was introduced and highly addicted  to a drug called Cocaine. I became a part time bouncer in a bar, selling drugs to support my habit. After my 5 1/2 year relationship failed I tried taking my life. It was during that time that I met a lady in a laundromat 2 doors from the bar.
She began witnessing to me
telling me about Gods love and
plan of salvation. After 3 months of her witnessing to me and inviting me to her Bible Study, with voices tormenting me in my head, I tried taking my life a second time.  That night I called her and went to her house and 3 days later I went to "that Bible study" and it was that night, Wed, Nov 4th, 8:35 pm 1987 that I was Born-Again and there rest is

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Matthew 4:19


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