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I had NO idea who God truly was being raised as a Moslem not believing that Jesus was the Son of God, nor the Savior of the World. At the age of 15 I quit school and left home. My mom and dad separated which drove me to leave. When I was 18 my mom passed away and I moved to Dallas,Texas thinking  I could run away from my problems and start over. There I was introduced and highly addicted  to a drug called Cocaine. I became a part time bouncer in a bar, selling drugs to support my habit. After my 5 1/2 year relationship failed I tried taking my life. It was during that time that I met a lady in a laundromat 2 doors from the bar.She began witnessing to me and sharing with me about Gods love and plan of salvation. After 3 months of her witnessing to me and inviting me to her Bible Study, with voices tormenting me in my head, I tried taking my life a second time.  That night I called her and went to her house and 3 days later I went to "that Bible study" and it was that night, Wed, Nov 4th, 8:35 pm 1987 that I was Born-Again and there rest is

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